So you're looking to customize your Shopify store and find the best Shopify landing page builder?

Well, you've come to the right place! In this episode of Shopify app showdown, I'm excited to review and break down the top Shopify app page builders in 2018!

Here's the plan!


  • What makes a good Shopify app page builder?
  • Shogun vs Zipify Pages vs Page Fly
  • The Best Landing page builder!
  • The Best Free Paid Shopify
  • The conclusion of Shogun vs Zipify Pages vs Page Fly

What makes a good Shopify page builder?

So I have an interesting perspective on this topic. Earlier in my career, I was working at a digital agency where we primarily helped ecommerce companies optimize their websites and Facebook ads. Optimizing websites and conversion rate optimization was an interesting topic to me because it was a blend of two things I like most: tech (fast website, etc.) and psychology (copy, conversion rates, etc).

So once I left the agency and started building software to solve similar challenges for Shopify stores, I quickly found interest in the landing page builders on the market.

From my time at this agency, what I learned is that people change/tweak/customize their website for one of two reasons.

To increase conversion rates (more revenue) or to better tell their story (improve design).

These are the two main factors I will look at when reviewing these Shopify app page builders.

Which app helps you better accomplish these?

Let's find out!

The top Shopify landing page builders we'll be reviewing

As of late 2018, there is 67 landing page building tool in the Shopify app store. We won't be reviewing all of them in this article, but you can browse them all here if you'd like.

In this episode of Shopify app showdown, we'll be comparing Shogun vs Zipify Pages vs Page Fly.

Let's dive in!

1) Shogun (Shopify app reviews, pricing and examples)

When most people search for a landing page tool for Shopify that's beautiful, easy to use, and supported by a world-class support team, they end up using Shogun. Take a look at their demo to see why.

With pricing starting at $19/mo with a 10-day free trial, it's one of the most valuable deals on in the market.

Their App highlights include:

  • Beautiful & high-converting pre-built page templates
  • Simple drag-and-drop technology
  • Pages that are SEO-ready and generated with clean code
  • Great support

They have over 1048 positive reviews on their app page including this highlighted review:

Recent shogun shopify app review

But let's take a look at how exactly you can build a landing page with their app:

Take a look at their Shopify page for more!

2) Zipify pages (Shopify app reviews, pricing and examples)

Zipify Pages is the landing page builder best known for helping people build sales funnels along with their popular founding team member, Ezra Firestone! Check out their demo.

The Zipify Pages apps' pricing starts at $67/mo with a 14-day free trial.

Here are their App highlights

  • Increase AOV & conversion rates with sales funnels & page templates
  • Inspired by real data (Ezra and his team run an ecommerce store which inspires all of their app features!)
  • Fast development, improvements and new features always!

While they are still fairly new on the Shopify app store, they have a handful of nice reviews including this Featured Review:

Recent Zipify Pages Shopify app review

Check out one of their page templates (and builder):

Zip over to their Shopify app if you want to learn more!

3) Page Fly (Shopify app reviews, pricing and examples)

Page Fly is a popular landing page builder tool, built by Here's their brief demo!

Here's what stands out about PageFly for their App highlights

  • Free plan available
  • Page templates
  • Mobile-focused pages

Featured Review:

Recent PageFly Shopify App Review

And here's a quick tutorial on how to build a page with their app:

Feel free to check out their Shopify app for more details.

Who gets crowned the best Shopify landing page builder?


With incredible support, beautiful page templates, and prioritization of clean code, we have to give the Best Shopify Landing Page Builder award to Shogun!

This San Francisco team continues to impress and over-deliver for their customers, and the product speaks for itself!

Go check them out if you're in the market for a serious landing page builder tool.

Who wins the "best free Shopify landing page builder" award?

Well, there was only one but that'd be Page Fly!

Page Fly is the only Shopify app that offers a free plan (with limited functionality) but well worth a try if you're a store just getting started and don't have the budget for the other paid apps listed here.

Where's the breakdown of the worst landing page builder?

We previously included a section on landing page tools that you should avoid using, however, we removed it for two reasons.

1) Landing page tools are difficult to build and it's not very nice to ridicule the ones that are glitchy or known to malfunction. Rather than doing that, we'll just showcase the app companies that work extra  hard to build a great product (which includes everyone on this list!).

2) The app was also removed when the Shopify app store got updated.

So sorry if that's what you came looking for, as it is still in the title of this article. 🙈


Customizing your Shopify site and building customized landing pages used to be an incredibly difficult and expensive task to do a few years ago. But now that we have an awesome collection of page builder apps to chose from, you can customize your website in a matter of seconds!

Feel free to check out the apps reviewed today and let us know what you think about this series, Shopify app showdown, in the comments below!

Happy page-building!